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Farm in Padre Bernardo - Goiás

Farm in Padre Bernardo - Goiás


The farm is located in the district of Padre Bernardo and has a total area of 498.52 hectares, being a spacious and well-distributed property. The main house is imposing and elegant, with an excellent structure to accommodate its residents and visitors with comfort and safety. In addition, the property has a large and well-equipped corral, allowing the animals to be treated with care and efficiency.

One of the most outstanding points of this farm is its richness in water. It has a natural source of abundant water, which enables efficient irrigation for the cultivation of plantations, allowing for greater production and variety of food. In addition, the presence of water is also essential for livestock, ensuring that animals have constant and healthy access.

Regarding culture, the farm is highly productive, with a variety of crops planted that benefit from the climate and the abundance of water. This agricultural diversity allows for continuous production throughout the year, with different crops being harvested at different times.

Finally, the farm also has a herd of cattle, with 52 well-kept and healthy animals. 

In summary, the farm in question presents a set of characteristics that make it a unique and highly valued property, including its excellent house, well-equipped corral, richness in water and diversified crop production, in addition to the herd of high quality cattle.

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