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Our Environments


Privileged Location
Located at Rua Barão do Rio Branco on the corner of Quintino Bocaiúva, your office will be located close to important points and commercial references, such as Notary Offices, Post Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls and Banks.
In addition to the ease of access that your customers will have, when they need to come to you, your virtual office will be located in a truly prestigious address, in the center of Anápolis.

With the word: Our customers

Luiz Almeida

“In 2017 I chose GA3 and I have only reaped good results from this innovative experience. The rooms are well decorated, the secretaries are attentive and the prices are fair, in addition to offering all the services I need to serve my clients with quality and efficiency"

Joao Gabriel Carvalho

"I was looking for an office that adapted to my work profile and also to my pocket. I'm glad I found GA3! It meets my needs very well, in addition to being a great cost benefit. I've been a customer since 2019 and I'm very satisfied"

Carolinne Honório

“GA3's services are essential to our business, which requires top-notch service and organization, as well as an elegant corporate infrastructure to serve our national and international clients”


Why be a GA3 customer?

Because using our Virtual Office / Business Center, you don't need to make an initial investment in the order of BRL 13,000.00 to enjoy a corporate, modern and comfortable space to receive your clients, because we did it for you!

Initial investment

Air conditioning


Traditional Officel

BRL 3,000.00
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 5,000.00
BRL 1,300.00
BRL 1,700.00

BRL 13,000.00

Virtual office

BRL 150.00

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