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GA3  - Seasonal Rental 

We are an active company throughout the national territory and in some foreign countries, always focusing on excellence and the safety of our customers, which allows us to own high standard and exclusive properties in various locations in Brazil and the world.
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People give compliments… 


“My wife and I planned our trip to Morro de São Paulo, and in a search on instagram we located the company GA3, which offered us a wonderful property that exceeded our expectations. We are grateful”

Adam Castro



“Every year we gather our family of 8 people and choose a destination. This year we went to Península do Maraú, a paradisiacal place, which was even better in the high-end residence offered by  GA3."


Karina Velloso


“We traveled to Hamburg and Schwerim and got amazing accommodation at a very attractive price. We can say that this is an excellent company. I recommend the services of GA3, without fear of making mistakes.

Tatiana Fortes

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